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This is the nightmare scenario for horse racing people when slot machines come to town. Bean counters in corporate offices begin to look at racing operations as an expense, a necessary evil that must be maintained in order to keep the money – churning slots and gambling tables going. They [...]
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Via Thoroughblog
  CHAMPION YOUCAN’TCATCHME battles GLORY GOLDSTRYKE GLORY – can she be caught in the Whimsical? Woodbine’s first GRADE STAKES race of the season is the Grade 3 WHIMSICAL STAKES at 6 furlongs on Saturday. Only six signed on for the dash but 2 of the best female sprinters of last year, [...]
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Young Bettors Making Their Voices Heard
Via Horseplayers Association of North America
This piece about the CDI takeout increase was orignally posted on Doug MacPherson's blog Four-Forty.  Doug is an 18-year-old high school student from Ontario, and he can be found on Twitter @LDMcPherson.  In addition to writing on his blog, Doug has also contributed to HANA's Horseplayer Monthly. I'm going to keep [...]
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Geek Out: Mining Derby Data
Via Hello Race Fans
Part of the fun of handicapping the Kentucky Derby is the awesome potential for geeking out on stats, which just might lead you to the winner. [...]
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Rusty Arnold's letter to the editor at the DRF is making the rounds.He speaks about stabling beside Steve Asmussen and alerts to the fact his horses are well-cared for. I have little doubt they would be. The fella has millions of dollars in horseflesh and big money clients. Would you [...]
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The Paulick Report continues its coverage at the OBS Spring sale with a second edition of the PR Special, a print publication distributed on the sales grounds in Ocala, Fla. In this edition, Ray delves into the communication “triangle” between owner, trainer, and veterinarian: “The late Hall of Famer Charlie Whittingham, who [...]
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Early on, in fact, victories came so easily that Day struggled to find satisfaction in his accomplishments. He questioned his purpose in life until one fateful day in January 1984, when he finally recognized — or wholeheartedly accepted — that his innate ability was a gift from God. [...]
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- I have a couple of posts about last weekend's racing up at the TimeformUS blog, here and here. - Saratoga Casino & Raceway has released the details of their proposed casino in East Greenbush. The Casino at East Greenbush presentation by YNNwebteamYes, it will have "spectacular [...]
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Horseplayers Share Their Thoughts on Churchill In Unique Ways
Via Horseplayers Association of North America
We have to hand it to Horseplayer Lenny. Not only is he a dedicated horseplayer who bets, attends tournaments, and offers to do his best to spread the word about tracks that want your business, he seems to be (with some help) quite the poet. He has a five year old [...]
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Via Thoroughblog
EMILE RAMSAMMY HURT IN TRINIDAD Woodbine rider EMILE RAMSAMMY fell from Princess She’s Not before the 7th race at Arima racecourse on Monday during a special day of racing and hurt his finger and had whiplash. He was sent to hospital. Early reports from Trinidadian newspapers say Ramsammy may have broke [...]
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A year ago, based on a suggestion from Craig Brogden of Machmer Hall, I wrote about security cameras that can record a horse’s activities 24 hours a day while he’s in his stall. Lots of horsemen are using them for security and peace of mind, and they can follow the [...]
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"Everything was fine, and we got to the knees and thought, ‘Wow, this has got a lot of white!,'" Lere remembers. "And then came the head, then shoulders. By the time we saw the white shoulders, we thought, 'There’s trouble! Somebody messed up. OK, who took [...]
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It is proof that horse racing is still here. Every year since the chariot races in "Ben Hur," the so-called sports media experts have been reporting the death of horse racing. As the sport has entered the "gaming" industry -- "gaming" being a pleasant way of saying rot-gut psycho gambling [...]
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Saratoga Casino & Raceway will not pursue a full-fledged casino at their existing site in the city; and that has to be considered a triumph for the democratic process. Gee, we don't often get to say things like that in New York State, do we? It's also a [...]
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Both conversations underscored several points: chief among them, the North American market’s obsession with speed, and how it is utilized at a very young age, before a horse has had the chance to mature. It is pretty clear that even the unschooled eye has the ability to access the simplest [...]
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